Central Vet Clinic

Address: ul. “Chavdar Mutafov” 25B, Sofia 1700, Bulgaria google maps

Tel.: +359 2 4219999; +359 888 100970; +359 899 100970; +359 888 444666




Who we are

We are a team of more than 60 dedicated professionals working around the clock for the health and wellbeing of pets. With an area of over 1,200 sq m, Central Vet Clinic is one of the largest projects in the field of veterinary medicine in the Balkans. Since it was founded in 2010, the clinic has never stopped developing and providing a full range of services in all fields: Diagnosis, Surgery, and Therapy.

Our policy and way of work

Aiming to do our best for you and your pets, we have introduced a work policy we strictly abide by and we expect understanding and cooperation from our clients and referring veterinarians. Our number one priority is providing a better quality of life for your pets and we work for this by the rules of best medical practice. Many diseases can be avoided, relieved, controlled or cured if our advice is followed. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions, and contact us before it is too late. For all inquiries, please use the contact form here.

How we can help you

If you are a veterinarian practicing abroad and want to refer a patient to us, please send them accompanied by a Referral Form (download here) with a detailed description of the reason for referral and what is expected of us. One of our specialists will contact and inform you about everything we have done for the patient.

For pet owners without a referral: Please bring all findings of tests conducted to date and all documents relevant to the patient’s case. If you have questions or problems with your travel arrangements (documents, medications, vehicles, etc.), please contact us in advance and submit your inquiry in English here.

What we offer and when to contact us

As a large general hospital, we offer almost all types of services and care for veterinary patients: from routine checkups and vaccinations to complex surgical interventions and innovative interventional procedures. We can be of greatest help, however, to pet owners coming from afar in the areas in which the specific equipment, team of specialists and experience are crucial.

Here are some of the services offered at Central Vet Clinic:


Cardiology and Interventional Radiology (IR)


  • Echocardiography for diagnosis and staging of heart diseases; cardiac certification for breeders;

  • Diagnosis, treatment and surgical correction of various congenital heart defects in dogs and cats; Persistent ductus arteriosus (PDA), Pulmonic stenosis (PS), Persistent right aortic arch (PRAA), pericardial diseases, etc.;

  • Surgical extraction of heartworms (Dirofilaria immitis) in patients with advanced HWD;

  • 24/48-hour Canine Holter monitoring for diagnosis and follow-up of various arrhythmias;

  • Pacemaker implantation in patients with life-threatening brady-arrhythmias and AV blocks;

  • Cardiac and thoracic surgerypericardiectomy, heart mass removal, vascular grafts and stents; Lung cancer and foreign bodies – lobectomy;

  • Tracheal stent implantation in patients with tracheal collapse;

  • Angiography of vascular pathologies.


Veterinarian-in-charge: Dr Ranko Georgiev, DVM, rankoge@gmail.com



Computed Tomography (CT)


  • Diagnosis and assessment of spinal disordersintervertebral disc hernias, spinal cord neoplasia, vertebral malformations, fractures and subluxations;

  • Chest pathologieslung neoplasia, mediastinal and esophageal masses, pleural diseases and vascular malformations;

  • Congenital liver vascular diseasescontrast studies for diagnosis of portosystemic shunts;

  • Assessment of trauma patients;

  • 3D reconstructions and 3D prints of complex multiple fractures of the pelvis and limbs.


Veterinarian-in-charge: Dr Philip Stoynov, DVM, philipstoynov@gmail.com


Orthopedics and Traumatology


  • Diagnosis and treatment of patients with elbow and hip dysplasia;

  • Internationally recognized (by the FCI) certification for elbow and hip dysplasiaGRSK;

  • Total hip replacement (in progress, please send a request if interested)

  • Knee surgerycranial cruciate ligament rupture (TPLO, TTA) and patellar luxation;

  • Corrective osteotomy in patients with growth deformities, including dynamic corrections (Ilizarov method);

  • Limb-sparing surgery for tumors and severe trauma;

  • Arthroscopyminimally invasive surgery and therapy (in progress, please send a request if interested).


Veterinarian-in-charge: Dr Jordan Stoyanov, DVM



  • Diagnosis and treatment of patients with intervertebral disc diseases – protrusions and hernias;

  • Spinal fractures and stabilization;

  • Vertebral subluxations and instabilityWobbler syndrome;

  • Cranial/brain surgery, CNS mass removal;

  • Hydrocephalus treatment by ventriculoperitoneal shunt implantation.


Veterinarian-in-charge: Dr ordan Stoyanov, DVM and Dr Yanitsa Dencheva, DVM


Soft Tissue Surgery


  • Complex abdominal and thoracic surgeries for congenital malformations, trauma or systemic diseasevascular pathologies, hernias, neoplasia, etc.;

  • Reconstructive surgery of large skin and soft tissue defects – after mechanical, chemical or thermal trauma.


Veterinarian-in-charge: Dr Aglika Yordanova, DVM, a.gudorova@gmail.com




  • Comprehensive eye exam and vision assessment;

  • Cataracts managementphacoemulsification and artificial lens implantation;

  • Corneal and eyelid surgery.

Veterinarian-in-charge: Dr.Yanitsa dencheva,DVM,




  • Gastroscopy foreign body retrieval; assessment and biopsy of chronic inflammatory and neoplastic lesions;

  • Bronchoscopyfor lung and bronchial diseases, tracheal collapse assessment and stent implantation; bronchial foreign body retrieval;

  • Rhinoscopy chronic inflammation and neoplasia; biopsy and microbiology; foreign body retrieval;


Veterinarian-in-charge: Dr Ranko Georgiev, DVM, rankoge@gmail.com




  • Canine semen collection, freezing and storage;

  • Artificial insemination with fresh or frozen canine semen under endoscopic guidance;

  • Canine semen bank.


Veterinarian-in-charge: Dr Iva Dimitrievska, DVM,ivadimitrievska@gmail.com



For any questions about procedures or therapy, please contact us here. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


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